Sivananda's Personality-76.

{1. DMK is equally corrupt, along with AIADMK, 2. Tamil Nadu really worry about their future, they should find a worthy team lead by able dedicated sincere and honest person}

The threat of harsh action against protesters in the Valley comes from an unpalatable realisation.

Criminal Politics-1 Tamil Nadu- DMK- Tainted by graft, ex-DMK ministers struggle :

Wish People of Tamil Nadu to act wisely, as you are living in Southern part of Holy Bharatham, which is following Sanatana Dharmam, and we have our own Upanishadik Culture, from the Great Rishi-s, which is respected by the world ..

The Nation is ashamed to see that a party deep neck drowned in corruption, and the stupid members, still adamant not to learn any lesson .. still blind, deaf, lining up behind a super criminal in devotion --wonder when and how Tamil people fell into rotten stage?

Sivananda's Personality-75.

All self-centred, mutual hand-shaking corrupts, many-faced and hypocrites fools carry photograph of another criminal, to cheat the public, another group with age old criminal, all these just blind people of Tamil Nadu, by Sentamizh, Movie dialogues --- Drama is continuing with new scenes enacted

Present Tug of war among criminal groups of scraps of Dravidian Politics : Future of TamilNadu :?

Sivananda's Personality-74.